Greenhouse Gases

Scientists have identified four gases produced by human activities as the principal contributors to  the greenhouse effect that is widely perceived to be responsible for a global warming trend that is believed will have serious consequences for our overall environment. These are, in order of their impact, carbon dioxide, methane, CFC's and nitrous oxide.

Carbon dioxide is produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and it will be difficult and expensive to make significant long term reductions. Methane, which pound for pound is twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide for trapping heat in the atmosphere, comes from several sources where presently available or near term technology can make significant reductions in emissions.

These sources are in order of their importance, landfills, livestock, coal mines, natural gas production and transportation, and livestock manure. Gas Separation Technology's Carbo-XTM and Air-XTM processes are designed to help utilize and therefore reduce methane emissions from  three of these sources--landfills, coal mining and livestock manure.

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