About Gas Separation Technology LLC

GST was formed in 1991 to develop gas enrichment processes for small, low quality methane sources. The goal is to achieve a positive environmental impact by reducing methane emissions to the atmosphere, while at the same time utilizing energy resources that are generally being wasted.

The founders of the company are Major W. Seery; Raven Ridge Resources, Incorporated; and U.S. Zeolites, Inc. The latter two organizations no longer have any ownership interest in GST, but they or their successors maintain a loose relationship. U.S. Zeolites, with its mineral lease on the natural zeolite used in GST's processes, was later taken over by Addwest Minerals, Inc. An associated company of Addwest is Water Remediation Technology, which uses natural zeolite for various water cleanup applications

Seery has a Geol. Eng. degree from the Colorado School of Mines and attended Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. He had over thirty years varied experience in the mineral industry, including exploration, production, accounting and taxes, and general management before founding Gas Separation Technology.